Samsung Galaxy s5 Price and Specification

Finally the wait is over Samsung launched The Galaxy S5 fit and gear new generation smart phone, with some cool updates, This new smart phone by Samsung launched in Barcelona at the MWC show, Samsung wants the Galaxy S5 to be a phone that doesn't just improve specification all round, but improves the things that people will actually care about :), in this article we will give you all information about Galaxy S5, as rumors says Samsung galaxy S5 will comes with a bigger screen size 5.25 inches but the original one is 5.1 inches, for full information read below.

Nokia Launch Its First Ever Android Phones X, X+ and XL

Finally Nokia launched android smart phones for its users, and they are three of them, you know ? that this is first time Nokia launched android phones. X and X+ android phones have 4 inches screen display also Nokia android XL smart phone have 5 inches screen. Price of Nokia X is 89 euros, Nokia X+ is 99 euros and the price of Nokia android smart phone XL is 109 euros, Nokia X is available for purchasing and two others will available in April, as you all know android operating system is most used operating system in hole world therefor Nokia decided to launch android smart phones, maybe in April 2014 Nokia will launch Asha 230 along with X+ and XL, so now only Nokia X is launched so read below for more information about X.

Nokia Launch Its First Ever Android Phones X, X+ and XL

WhatsApp Founders Become Billionaires In $19 Billion Facebook Deal

Facebook is buying WhatsApp for 19 Billion Dollars this is a Viral and breaking news now on all over internet, as you all know WhatsApp is very effective and much used messaging app nowadays and growing day by day as a graph says WhatsApp is used by most peoples if we compared with Facebook.

See below graph to know what is matter behind this deal, via
So above graph showed you why Facebook buy WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars ? in starting WhatsApp only used by Russians because at the time WhatsApp is only a status app for fun e,g I'm at gym don't disturb me, I'm busy, I'm free etc, after some months WhatsApp upgraded with messaging facility, and after some months MMS and much like that, there for Facebook decided to buy it for 19 billions,

He Wanted A Job; Facebook Said No, Twitter too.

Back in 2009 WhatsApp developer Brian Acton is software engineer that no one like to hire even Twitter rejected him and also Facebook too. see below tweet by Brian Acton.

Why Facebook Buy WhatsApp ?

As you can see an graph above Facebook growing best but WhatsApp is growing too fast day by day as Facebook struggling for standing on the top spot in social media but there are many competitors for breaking it, there for Facebook founders decided to buy WhatsApp and thy do it :). Lets wait and see what happens with WhatsApp.

Top 5 Social Media Networks In World

Now I am talking about top 5 social media networks in world, I know you all guessed top 2 social media networks after reading this article's title but anyone know about 3rd top social media network ? I think some of you say it is Google+ ? and most of you say I Don't Know :(. Don't you worry I am here for telling you who are the top 5 social media networks in world,
First of all I want to tell you about what is social media network ? ,So social media is platform for peoples who want a free platform for connecting with world and getting friends, news, business partners and more, As you all know in my recent article i have already posted about social media micro blogging, With social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ you can freely blog your thinks, In this article I am trying to tell you most used and most famous social media networks in world so read below for more information.

Top 5 Best Internet Browsers In World

Exploring the internet is fun nowadays all youngsters addicted to internet for fun and money, there are lot of websites launched on daily basis, you can easily open any website with an internet browser/explorer, in Windows operating system Internet Explorer has important role in browsing internet faster with PC, but some times IE make so much irritation in browsing a webpage who not fit for you, so you need a alternative trusted and high speed internet browser, If you searching for best browsers then you're on right webpage now in this article I will give you a list of Top 5 Best Internet Browsers In World, so you can easily choose one of them for you, lets going to main topic :).

Windows 9 release date, news and rumors

Recently Microsoft release a upgraded version of windows 8 in windows 8.1 name with nice fixes, But users of windows XP is still using windows XP so there for Microsoft have decided to release a new and full version of windows operating system in the name of Windows 9, we can say windows 9 will break all records of windows XP not ? so read below for some information of windows 9 and for rumors, before releasing of windows 9 Microsoft will release windows 8 new version (Rumors) windows 8.2 after its previous version 8.1, I am still confused why Microsoft release windows 8.2 ?, Now lets read some news from internet on Windows 9 release date and rumors.